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Retrograde Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars retrogrades once in two years. Retrograde Mars in natal chart can bring out power issues, anger-related, anxiety-related, how to deal with conflict and aggression and anger. As Mars has masculine energy, its retrogression can create problems with how you deal with maleness within(Here “Maleness” means masculine-aggression within both males and females). It is often seen in charts of people who have problems with their sexuality- they can be overtly aggressive or completely suppress their masculine side whereby creating imbalance in personality. Men have to watch that, they do not become too aggressive and angry.

As Mars is about power, its retrogression gives a lot of power, as the planet is supposed to be relatively more oriented and “apparently stationary” at least for some time, yet the individual does not understand their own power and how to use it properly. This can lead to its misuse. Mars rules Agni (fire) element so its retrogression can create too much fire or complete exhaustion. They have to watch their metabolism. It can get speeded up or be totally dull. The cycle is vicious, which deal with balance, vision and energy.

Retrograde Mars

Retrograde Mars and Its Effects

Retrograde Mars will block the way this cycle works and create problems on a subtle level. Mars also deals with logic and here the logic can get skewered or twisted. It can also make a person whose logic is unconventional, but at the same time very powerful and they can reach places where others cannot as they have the ability to see things from backward to forward.

Mars retrograde in a persons birth chart causes the person to be very frigid or to go to the extremes. Some have sex aversions. During its apparently slow moving period of retrogression, two weeks before and after retrogression it indicates its effects mainly in females.

Retrogression of Mars is a high time to control and channelise our energy and drive, and prevent it from getting out of hand. We have to be thoughtful about our actions and cautious about getting rash and scattered. It`s the right time to reconsider the agenda on hand, and to be firmly rooted in ground reality. It is also the time to reenergize ourselves, rather than burning our energies in fruitless persuits.

If Mars is Retrograde in the horoscope, the person can be accident prone, or inclined to illness, in case of a wrongly placed Mars. If the Mars is well placed, the native has an unusually beautiful, logical and successful way of handling his/her affairs and actions. Whatever the case, effects are far from Normal. Again it is dependent on an individual`s own free will to control the final outcome.

The Mars Retrogression mainly affects

1) A person’s ability to control and reconsider his/her actions before expressing anger.

2) It leads the native to find competitive situations hard to handle.

3) It tends to repress and thus an individual can become can become depressed also.

Mars represents direct energy, physical expression, individual action and assertiveness, as well as anger, desire, sexuality, competitiveness and motivation for self interest. Mars energies tend to burst forward exerted in short duration. Every two years Mars goes retrograde for two to two-and-a-half months. What often results, are upsets and frustrations in daily life, as emotions which should be externalized becoming internalized, a kind of chewing up one’s self. When the time to analyse the situation comes one explodes, causing the individual to act aggressively against his/her own self interest.

If one has Mars in retrograde in his/her natal chart, one may find that he/she is waging an internal battle causing difficulty in asserting oneself because of their ignorance and are afraid of the consequences of releasing their anger. One may tend to over think before one acts, may also find that one has a tendency to hold back. In karmic terms, you are likely to be attempting to make up for some vaguely recollected or even sub-consciously remembered, but deeply influential past misdeeds you now regret. Whatever the cause, you are holding yourself back instead of standing up directly for your own interests. This works directly against the life lesson that you are here to accomplish. Your are learning about yourself, defining who you are by what actions you take. You will need to let go of timidity or a lack of direction in order work out how you can initiate actions without creating a chaos of needless destruction.

Mars retrogression period is an excellent time to channelise our energies to the external world in a delicate and controlled way.

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